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Not only does this alcoholic beverage appear a great deal in the Monkey Island games, it is considered the #1 drink of swashbuckling pirates everywhere. I've decided to go with the real life version of grog as opposed to the MI version, I think you'd agree it might be tastier and healthier than battery acid and red dye #2. The word grog refers to a variety of alcoholic beverages and originally referred to a drink made with water and rum, which was introduced into the Royal Navy by British Vice Admiral Edward Vernon. While many claim to make a traditional Navy grog recipe, there are only several accepted forms. The Royal Navy's grog recipe includes lemon juice, water, rum, and cinnamon. A commonly-found recipe in the Caribbean includes water, light rum, grapefruit juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, cinnamon, and honey. I chose the Caribbean form as opposed to the Navy version because a) it sounds better and b) where do pirates come from? That's right, the Caribbean. See, I did my homework!


2 c. light rum

2 c. water (traditionally sea water, but I can't advise that)

1 c. grapefruit juice

1 c. orange juice

1 c. pineapple juice

½ c. honey or to taste

1 tbs. cinnamon or to taste

Sea salt (optional) to taste

Add 1 cup Blue Curacao for a green color (optional)

Green Food Dye (optional)

Put all the ingredients in a punch bowl then add the water. You may need to heat the honey and add the cinnamon to the honey first before adding both ingredients to the rest of the liquids. Chill the mixture before serving. This recipe was made for approximately 10 servings. More grog!
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  1. Where's the SCUMM?

    1. Your can find it over at The battery acid was replaced with grapefruit juice, though.

  2. Its important to note that the water involved is suposed to be seawater, so some salt is appropriate

  3. Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!

    1. You expect me to fall for that old trick?

  4. wow there already is one! -robby

  5. Instead of Salt Water, use BEER! Tastes Great!

  6. The Royal Navy version is basically a Rum Toddy, only cold. With the Carribbean version the rum doesn't seem to be as well showcased.

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  8. Thanks for sharing this recipe.The rum offers a very vivid and inviting golden appearance. It is a touch darker than other gold mixing rums. Upon nosing the rum ,I get the impression this is due to the Jamaican pot still rum contained in the blend. Pirates Grog gives out a strong punchy smell of molasses and brown sugar.

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