Submission: Sopor Slime Pie

From the web comic Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures  
Photo by TZ
This is a submission from Geeky Chef reader and Homestuck fan Reneva, though per the comments the original recipe was created by TZ. I gotta be honest with you guys, I know nothing about Homestuck other than it involves a lot of cute little demon looking guys and it has a very avid and loving fanbase. That alone means there must be something to it. From what I can gather on the internet, consuming Sapor Slime has a sedative effect on "trolls" and is often baked in pies, thus today's recipe. There you go, folks, that's the end of my detailed and meticulous explanation. You can find out more here. The following is a recipe created by TZ with edits and notes from Reneva. Visit TZ's blog for more details on how to get the perfect crust!


For the pie shell: 

1 1/4 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup shortening

 3 Tbsp water

For the filling:

1 package lime jello (6 oz.)

1 package lime jello (2.75 oz.)

1 package lemon pudding (3.4 oz.)

2 cups water

2 cups Moon Mist Faygo (or Sprite, 7-Up, Sierra Mist, whichever you have or can get)

4 Tbsp cornstarch -1/4 cup powdered sugar

1/4 cup whipped cream (or Cool Whip or whatever)

Food colouring as desired


Bring the water to a boil in a large saucepan, then turn off the heat and dump in the big package of lime jello mix and use a whisk to stir it until everything is blended. Stir in the wicked elixir (Faygo/Sprite/Etc). Stir in the pudding mix. Stir in the cornstarch, the powdered sugar, the whipped cream, and then the small jello package. Whisk everything around so it's blended smoothly and there aren't any lumps. Add food colouring as desired.** Pour as much slime as you can into the cooled pie shells. Just make sure you can carry them to your thermal hull(Fridge) without spilling. Refrigerate your miracles for a couple hours or so until the slime sets.

 **I used 15 drops of yellow and 3 drops of green. It probably wasn't too necessary, so put in however much you think will make it look fabulous. Like in the picture. :)
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  1. "That alone means there must be something to it."

    Thank you, Geeky Chef, for appreciating and understanding fandoms!

  2. tumblr brought me here

  3. The second package of jello was just a little too much for me, it made the filling a little too stiff and dense. Other than that, absolutely delicious. I'll have to tweak the recipe and see if I can't get it right.

  4. I made this pie but I used a store-bought graham cracker crust. I also eliminated the powdered sugar and cornstarch. I used half a cup to 3/4 cup of whipped cream and no food coloring at all – it didn't need it. This is the fourth time I've made it and it always comes out really yummy and sweet.


    1. SQUADALAAAAAAA, WE'RE OFF!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you very much! I appreciate the recipe! I am trying it today! :D
    This means so much to me and im so excited heh!

  7. This and Faygo made my day. Imma go cosplay now.

  8. This is interesting, but I couldn't imagine jello and pie crusts tasting good together, I found one video by Ms Undead Rainbow on Youtube demonstrating it as a chocolate pie, which may be more pleasing.
    Please do not take this as hatred, this is only a suggestion.

  9. I don't mean to sound rude, but I was just wondering if you could update this with a little bit better instructions. I didn't quite understand if you should make the pudding mix before pouring it in the mix or using the dry mix itself and mixing it in.... I also was unsure about how many pie shells to make, one or two, although, the shells weren't that big a deal..... I do appreciate the recipe, though.

  10. this is beautiful (':

  11. hahah i need to do this soon because i want to bring some to a convention im going to in like 10 days

  12. (not sober right now) ThAnKS I lOsT tHe rECiPe. BuT yOu FOrGoT SoMe ThInGS. : o)

  13. I was so amazed when I saw you had a homestuck recipe! This is seriously my favorite website

  14. Uh i have a question. do you bake the crust?

  15. I'm going to have to make this sometime. This and edible chalk.

  16. Omg heck yes I love it!!!!!!!!! ��

  17. Do you have to bake the shell??

  18. In the mornin' I'm makin' pies-!

  19. Hi, I know I'm stumbling across this very belatedly, but this is my recipe from 2012. You can find it here:

    It's been linked on tumblr on at least a couple posts that circulated widely. I know one of them sourced my blog but according to this article, it looks like Reneva claimed this recipe was her own and submitted it here. I just wanted to let you know that this recipe was originally mine, and it has been copied word-for-word with just a few exceptions: 1) the instructions for the pie shell are removed, 2) the formatting for the instructions for the sopor slime was removed, and 3) the addition of "(Faygo/Sprite/Etc)" in those directions.

    This submission was a plagiarism and I'd really appreciate it if you could correct the source. As you can see from the link, this is a copy of my recipe posted years earlier. Also, if anyone reading this article has questions about baking the pie shell, directions for that are included in my original post. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! I very rarely review comments from older posts but luckily someone pointed this one out to me. I have updated the post. I still acknowledge that Reneva submitted the recipe, but I've clarified that you created the recipe and have added three links to your blog. I hope this is all okay with you, but if not feel free to use the Contact Me form at the bottom of the page and I can present this post however you'd like.

    2. Thank you so much for responding quickly; I really appreciate you making the changes!!

  20. In the ingredients it said 4 tbsp cornstarch - 1/r cup powered sugar. Does that mean you can substitute the cornstarch for powdered sugar? My friend and I are planning on making some sopor pie but she is allergic to corn.

    1. I think the dash is a formatting error (the person who submitted this before made it a dashed list of ingredients). Those ingredients are separate. The cornstarch is a thickening agent, but I'm sure other kinds of starch would work as well.

  21. this pie is perfect for green lantern.. i am sure he will love this.....

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