Hot Spiced Wine

From A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin and the Game of Thrones television series  

OMG, GUYS! Seven more days until Game of Thrones is back. SEVEN. MORE. DAYS. Season 4 is due to air at 9pm NEXT SUNDAY and our lives will all have meaning again. In honor of this tremendous occasion I have decided to post another ASoIaF recipe. Hot Spice Wine or Mulled Wine is frequently mentioned in the Song of Ice and Fire series. It was the favorite nighttime beverage of King Robert and is just generally popular in Westeros. Mulled Wine is actually a traditional medieval beverage but isn't too common nowadays, which is unfortunate because it is the perfect GoT party drink! Bring this medieval brew back into style and make some, along with Lemon Cakes, for your GoT crew for the premier. Yeah, you guys know what I mean by "your GoT crew," the people who provide you with emotional support and will stop you from jumping off a building during the commercial breaks. It is incredibly easy to make this concoction, even easier to drink, and it will dull some (but not all) of the pain when your favorite character dies a horrible, grisly death. Brewing this makes your whole house smell amazing and drinking it is like taking a warm bath with scented candles... but in your mouth.

2 bottles of Red Wine
1 Orange
1 Lemon
5 Cinnamon Sticks
1 piece of Ginger, thinly sliced
10 Cloves
5 Black Peppercorns
3/4 cup of Honey (or to taste)
Nutmeg (to taste)
Allspice (to taste)

1) Remove the zest from the orange and lemon in strips, using a knife or vegetable peeler.
2) Juice the orange and lemon into a dutch oven or thick-bottomed pot.
3) Pour the red wine into the pot with the orange juice.
4) Add the orange and lemon zest, ginger, cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg, allspice and honey into the pot with the wine.
5) Stir for about a minute to make sure everything is coming together.
6) Cover the pot and heat over medium heat until liquid is hot. Do not boil.
7) Reduce the heat to low and heat for 60-90 minutes or until flavors are strong enough for your tastes.
8) Divide into mugs.
8) Hodor!
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  2. totally making this on sunday

  3. Mulled wine (glögg) is still popular in Sweden, usually in December (about the ony time you can get a hold of it), and comes in many different forms and spices. I like the lingonberry flavored one. ^.^

  4. Thank you for that! This recipe remind me of a popular one here in Brazil, we call it Quentão and it's pretty much the same thing, only a tad simpler. Either way, I will be doing this to watch the series from now on!

  5. does it matter whether it's a sweet wine or dry?

  6. Love the idea of adding black peppercorns. I used a milder wine, since it gets more concentrated as it boils.

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